Wednesday , 8 July 2015
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Solar Impulse Across America 2013, Washington DC-VIDEO

We’ve had coverage on Solar Impulse, the sun-powered airplane from the beginning of their Across America mission 2013 which began for us on March 29 with the article: Solar Impulse to Take to the Skies Again-VIDEO.

On April 21, I was very fortunate to see the craft and meet some members of the crew at Moffett Airfield in Mountain View, California. I fell in love with this elegant solar airplane and the message of the team’s mission. See our article: On the Tarmac with the Solar Impulse Plane.

Solar Impulse Lands in New York

The solar-powered airplane lands in Washington, DC, at Washington Dulles International Airport as part of its journey across America. | Video by Matty Greene, Energy Department | Footage of the solar-powered plane courtesy of Solar Impulse

In this video — captured during the plane’s stopover in the nation’s capital — hear remarks from Secretary Ernest Moniz speak about how advancements like those at the Department of Energy are leading the way for innovations like the solar-powered plane and catch breathtaking shots of Solar Impulse in flight. More about the solar-powered plane at

solar impulse

Screen view from the video | The solar-powered airplane landing in Washington, DC, at Washington Dulles International Airport 

Solar Impulse’s unprecedented feat is a symbol of how far solar power has come and how far this clean energy source will go in the near future.

solar impulse

Screen view from the video Solar Impulse finishing their successful journey to New York City, JFK International Airport

This past weekend, Solar Impulse — a solar-powered plane that flies day and night without the use of fuel — completed its historic cross-country journey at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

By Amber Archangel

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  2. […] Solar Impulse Across America 2013, Washington DC-VIDEO […]

  3. […] Solar Impulse Across America 2013, Washington DC-VIDEO […]